Foxmagic Plus includes the necessary
to accomplish the job.



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  • Customer Master File with Subsidiary Ledger
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Sales Invoicing Price Grouping, Price locking and Multiple Discounting
  • Customer Debit Memo
  • Credit Memo


  • Collections and Deposits
  • Customer Checks, Bounced and Replacements
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Statistical Charts, Graphs and Reports
  • Drill-down Reports (such as Sales, VAT, etc.)


accounts receivable menu image


  • Supplier Master File and Subsidiary Ledger
  • ATC Codes tied-up to Chart of Account
  • PO to Supplier
  • Accounts Payable Voucher


  • Unserved PO tracking and cancellation
  • Supplier Debit / Credit Memo
  • Payment Voucher Disbursements
  • A/P Statistical Charts, Graphs and Reports (such as Purchases, VAT, EWT, etc.)


  • Deliveries, Sales, Credit Memo, Pullout, etc.


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  • Item Master File with multiple Warehousing
  • Multiple unit conversion, packing and serial tracking
  • Multiple Group Classification
  • Reordering, Markup and SRP
  • Active / Inactive Inventory Status
  • Price grouping, date effectivity and multiple discounting
  • Barcoding and cataloging
  • Costing by a choice of: Item Cost, Last Purchase Cost, Averaging or FIFO


  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Physical or Starting Inventory
  • Receiving and Withdrawal
  • Assembly and Dis-assembly
  • Transfer from one warehouse to another
  • Stock card per warehouse with total balance of all warehouses
  • Stock-on-hand per warehouse and overall
  • Drill-down Reports (such as Inventories, Movements, etc.)


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Transaction Setup
  • FS Setup (customizable Financial Report layout)
  • Journal Entries
  • General Ledger
  • Transaction Date Closing


  • Books (Sales, Purchase, Receipts, Disbursement, Journal)
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement (Detailed and Summarized)
  • Sub-Account and Cost-Centers


  • Secure User Login Access
  • Configurable Access Permissions from modular to field levels
  • Expirable Access
  • Configure Notification to Admin of every user action


  • In-place customizable setup of special features
  • Setup permissions to every report
  • Transactional Audit Trail

Industry-Standard Server Architecture


  • Java 1.5 or later
  • Apache Tomcat 5.0 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • Windows / Linux / OSX
  • Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari
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What our clients are saying about Foxmagic Plus

"My Banawe automotive parts business has more than 4,000 items. It takes less than a minute to generate inventory reports because aside from Windows, Foxmagic Plus runs also on Linux. Attaching a DSL modem and a static IP, we can then remotely access our voluminous data and get real-time reports when I'm abroad talking to foreign suppliers. I'm very happy with it these past few years." - Primal Enterprises, Banawe, Q.C


"Ever since I got Foxmagic Accounting and Inventory software for my Laboratory Equipments and Chemical Supplies business of 20 years, it gave me a real peace of mind, so much so that I can fully delegate our daily operations to my grown-up children and spend more time in doing charitable works." - Mr. Alfredo Li, President (Yana Chemodities, Q.C. & Cebu) / Phil. Presiding Officer (Tzuchi Buddhist Charity Foundation)


"For a long time I've been a Mac enthusiast and been looking for a solution for my predominantly Mac workstations. It was a great relief that the web-based and Safari/Mozilla browser compatible Foxmagic that runs on multi-platform either on Windows or Linux came to my attention. Now I am getting what I want out of my business in order to make rightful decisions for my enterprise." - Mr.Rico Colayco, Nestor Distributor, Pasay City


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